Travel blog: Iskar-Zlatna Panega geopark, Bulgaria

The eco trail Iskar – Zlatna Panega (also a geopark) is one of the most picturesque spots in Bulgaria, in my opinion. It is named after the two rivers in the region and is a beautiful place to visit all year round.

How to get there?

The entrance to the eco trail is located right next to the town of Lukovit (Northwest Bulgaria). If you are travelling by car from Sofia, you will see a small parking lot on your left side at the entrance of the town. You can leave the car there and enjoy the day in the geopark. There is no entry fee. The eco trail is actually quite long (around 16 km) but you will probably see only the few first kilometers of the eco trail (firstly, because it is a long distance, and secondly, because the rest of the eco trail is not so famous and therefore the path is not well-trodden) and simply go back to the parking lot. So, you will spend between one to three hours there depending on whether you decide to have a picnic with friends. There are many benches along the eco trail so you can definitely enjoy a short break!

An interesting fact is that around the end of the famous part of the eco trail, there is a cave on the left side (you can’t enter it). It is called Temnata dupka … and its end is actually 16 km away! It ends at Prohodna cave (God’s Eyes cave). Wow!

Unfortunately, there is no public transport that goes to this geopark (maybe only a bus to Lukovit, but there are other sightseeing places nearby), so renting a car would be the best option to visit it.

What to do or see nearby?

In the area you should definitely visit Prohodna Cave (God’s Eyes), Peshteren dom (Cave house), Svirchovitsa cave and St. Marina rock monastery.


Keep in mind that there are no restaurants or kiosks in the geopark, so prepare water and food in advance. Also, bring sports shoes - this way you will enjoy the walk and not destroy fancy shoes.

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