Travel blog: Krushuna waterfalls, Bulgaria

Greetings from Krushuna waterfalls – one of the most famous sightseeing places in Bulgaria!

How to get there?

Krushuna waterfalls are in Maarata park at the end of Krushuna village, Northcentral Bulgaria. Unfortunately, there is no train or regular public transport that will take you there, so I recommend renting a car. This will also allow you to visit other sightseeing places closeby (see below).

What to do or see?

At the entrance of the park (the entry fee is quite cheap, around 5 lv per person) there are a couple of restaurants as well as shops that sell souvenirs. Once you enter the park you go along a nice path with benches.

There are two routes in the park itself – a blue and a red one. The red one is, in my opinion, more interesting, as it takes you around a couple of waterfalls and is suitable for beginners. The route also forms a circle so walk along the path so in the end you will reach the starting point of the route. On the other side, the blue one is a bit steep and it will take you to one cave and a couple of small waterfalls. When it comes to the blue route, it does not form a circle so you will have to go back once you reach the end of it. Of course, you should definitely give both of them a try – both routes are not so long and the entry fee is valid for both of them! Also, there is a big map in the park which illustrates both routes – you will definitely not get lost!

Other must-visit places nearby include the town of Lovech, Devetashka cave and Kakrina Inn. This means that staying a couple of days in the region (check out the hotels in Lovech) is recommended!


You can spend the whole day at Maarata park – there are many restaurants (so no need to bring water or food with you). It is also children-friendly! However, keep in mind that there are many tourists over the weekend, so try to visit the place on a weekday, if possible.

Also leave your fancy shoes at home – wear sports shoes instead.

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