Travel blog: Prohodna (God's Eyes) cave, Bulgaria

Prohodna cave or God’s Eyes cave is what people would call “one of a kind”. It is called God’s Eyes cave because it has two big holes on the ceiling that truly resemble eyes. It is unbelievable!

Why Prohodna cave?

The atmosphere in the cave is so magical because of the eye resemblance! If you are into (extreme) adventures, you can also go bungee jumping in the cave (yes, it is possible, just contact the companies that organize such activities in advance as it may not be offered directly on place).

How to get there?

Prohodna cave is located close to Karlukovo village, around one hour and a half away from Sofia by car. Unfortunately, as of January 2019 there are no regular buses that will take you there, so renting a car is the best option. You will easily find the spot on Google Maps. To be honest, you can also travel by train to Karlukovo, but reaching the cave from the train station will take you time and efforts.

Right at the entrance of the Prohodna cave, there is a small parking lot. There is no fee for the parking as well as to enter the cave. The cave is quite small when it comes to length, so you will spend max. 15 minutes inside.

What to do or see nearby?

Right next to Prohodna cave there are two more caves – Svirchovitsa and Temnata dupka. You will find them on Google maps too. To be honest, they are not so popular because in the region Prohodna cave is in the spot light.

In about 15 minutes by foot from the parking lot in front of Prohodna cave you will also find Peshteren dom (Cave house), a hut built in a rock above Iskar gorge. You can have lunch there or even spend the night. The view is amazing!

From Peshteren dom or also from the end of the Prohodna cave, you can also reach St. Marina rock monastery. It is a small monastery built in the rock just below Peshteren dom.

Last but not least, make sure you visit Iskar – Zlatna panega ecotrail that is located around 15 km away from Prohodna cave. It is one of the most picturesque eco trails in Bulgaria!


  • Leave high heels shoes at home – good sports shoes are a better idea!
  • You can visit all of above-mentioned sightseeing places for free all year round!

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